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Due to a recent spate of juvenile postings of spam, the guestbook unfortunely is now closed. To those of you who have been so generous with your thoughts, support, and time regarding the site I say thank you, your feedback is so very much appreciated.

For those still wishing to share their thoughts on my work and the site, e-mail is kindly appreciated.

Thank you.

07.08.05 @ 4:45 pm EDT
Geri Bedford
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What a wonderful website -truly beautiful and well done. Congratulations

06.30.05 @ 4:59 pm EDT
rico pangilinan
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i'm a novice buddhist and an avid tea drinker with an interest in the tradition of the Way of Tea. i was looking up chawans on ebay and found yours! all i can say is, "hin ga aru."

06.21.05 @ 2:30 pm EDT
Satomi and David Pellerin
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We enjoyed looking through your site and seeing your beautiful work. And thank you also for all the links to other sites, they are very useful.

- Satomi and David Pellerin

04.21.05 @ 6:50 pm EDT
John Calvert
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Your website is a treasure trove, and your work is an inspiration. Thank you.--Jack

04.19.05 @ 12:24 am EDT
Lois Harbaugh
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Completely gorgeous!

04.02.05 @ 4:40 pm EST
Betty Fornell
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I am so proud of you and your work. It has been a long journey for you with much hard work and sacrifice. Your heart and eyes kept your vision alive."Beauty is silent Yet it speaks to us-Japanese Proverb Love, Mom

03.18.05 @ 4:29 pm EST
David Brinkman
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Your website and wares are as comforting as a bowl of fine tea. Thank you kindly for all the wonderful links...

03.14.05 @ 10:00 pm EST
Emi Shioji
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Your website is really nice !
I like Japanese tea ceremony and would like to your work.
And you will be planning to come to Japan that is great !
I hope your stay in Japan will be fun and enjoying.

03.01.05 @ 10:29 am EST
William Bayer
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Terrific website and superb ceramics! Congratulations on both!

02.20.05 @ 5:34 pm EST

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